AlarmFriend is your Personal Security Bluetooth Button

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN –Even a kid can use AlarmFriend! This personal security Bluetooth device needs just one click to notify the other person about your situation and location. It’s so light & compact, carry it anywhere!

LOW ENERGY USAGE –Put the Bluetooth button on your keychain and live a stress-free life! The battery can last for up to 1 year due to the use of revolutionary Bluetooth technology.

FAMILY SAFETY –AlarmFriend is useful for both personal and family safety. Make sure every member of the family has it and your personal security will be instantly enhanced. Really helpful for elderly and people that are immobile and disabled, both mentally and physical.

GREAT FOR CORPORATE SAFETY TOO – Hotel and health care personnel, and other similar industries can also make use of the great device. Co-workers can send security alerts discreetly and instantly.

100% COMPATIBLE – Use it with our mobile apps and have a clear overview of your friend, family member or coworker’s location.


AlarmFriend Personal Security Bluetooth Button| Bluetooth Device & Apps for Efficient Personal and Corporate Security

If you looking to take safety to another level with simplicity and functionality, then the AlarmFriend Bluetooth Button is the real answer. With amazingly compact design, revolutionary technology that enables energy efficient usage and great and helpful apps, toe personal security and communication will be at high level.

Instant Personal Security

Not only it is easy to use and setup, it provides an instant personal security to anyone. Its sleek compact design fits on your keychain or can be clipped on your belt for easy access when an emergency occurs. One click and the personal security alarm device shares your location!

Versatile Usage

Everyone can use AlarmFriend. The personal security gadget is great for personal usage, families, corporate and campus safety. Staff, health care professionals, hotel personnel, kids, elderly and people that are immobile and disabled, both mentally and physical can also make great use of it. Runners or users that often perform outdoor activities can also find it really helpful due to the low energy consumption and compact design that fits anywhere.

Why GetAlarmFriend?

✔️ guarantees help where conventional methods can`t help

✔️ it is user friendly and extremely easy to setup and use

✔️ Uses low energy Bluetooth so batteries last up to 1 year.

✔️ Light weight and compact

✔️ Uses the newest Bluetooth technology, to ensure optimal performance and safety.

✔️ Can be used on both iOS and Android.

✔️ Made from high-quality materials

✔️ Fits on a keychan, belt or pocket for easy access.

Who can use AlarmFriend? The short answer is EVERYONE!

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